This miner could never have imagined that a rat will save his LIFE

The story you will see in this story happened in Russia in 1970 , it is a story that will undoubtedly affect your heart and will surely make sure that Russia is a huge country as if its landscape came out of a fairy tale, it is a wooded country and contains a lot of mountains,where the most beautiful creatures on the planet. but you have to remember something that people are two types some are bad and others are good

Finding rats :

This story occurred on July 8, 1970 in the city of Kyus, Neva, a group of men in southeastern Siberia working inside an old mine and while doing this work they found a nest full of wild mice, where the mother lay with her babies, some of them thought it was better to move them to another place and release them or simply not to disturb them and continue to work.

Farr fled:

Although the workers there killed these poor animals Only one of them survived, thanks to a man who was rescued only by his last name, Mitres, and his colleagues looked at him with astonishment, but the man felt sorry that they had killed them, maybe he would have
saved them, but with his late arrival, he managed only to save one, he was small and moving slowly, so it was hard to survive, So he made him a small shelter next to him, because he and his colleagues were inside the mine for days, weeks and months until they finished their work, the man fed it the milk they were giving him at work, and over time he gave it another kind of food.

The rat grewing :

The rat grew healthy and somehow got used to the miner, as it got Jeremy’s name, and soon became part of the workers and even had his own share, it loved butter as well as fresh bread, it gained the workers’ hearts and spent hours together there inside the mine.
In fact, the last time they closed the mine was before World War II and reopened it to remove all the remaining coal that remained there, the workers entered the mine but they were unaware that something very dangerous will happen, and the only one who might have known about this danger was the rat because it lived many of those periments but it seems that no one understands it …..

The danger appeared :

Then a few days later, the danger appeared, it turns out that the methane gas from coal accumulated at its peak causing the explosion and the mine collapsed almost entirely, resulting in the closure of the only exit of that mine, some workers managed to leave miraculously, but others unfortunately did not survive, including Mitres and five other workers.

They were all in shock and then they started planning how to get out of the mine, but the suffering of trying to survive got worse because they had very little water and food supplies, and rescuers needed at least a month to reach the miners, especially in the time they were in “1970”, people didn’t have much tools for rescue, they had few excavators and shovels.

The rat find them :

The six miners trapped in depression, suddenly in the dark, bright and small eyes appeared and lit mine up like a lantern, it was Jeremy, it appeared in front of them and suddenly it lifted its front legs, turned around and then ran a little and then turned around again and raised its legs up, it repeated it three times, like if it was calling the workers.

Find solution :

One of the miners said that they had no trick, so they had to follow the rat, maybe Jeremy realized the solution, so the men followed him and Jeremy no longer turned to them but climbed only some stones and the miners behind it, they were following it and fortunately there was a large area enabling them to enter between the stones, they reached a place that looked like another cave and then they entered and advanced five meters.

Behind the rat :

Then they suddenly noticed that the explosion destroyed the roof and there was only a very small void that Jeremy infiltrated, the men had no choice just to follow it, but everyone this time was crawling because there was no place enough for them even to stand.

The rat continued running where there were six miners crawling behind it, finally after advancing several meters, the men realized that there was a big rock like the wall in front of them preventing them from advancing.

Angry rat :

One of the men said that they had to go back or they had to find another way out, but Mitres remained bewildered looking into Jeremy’s eyes as if he were looking for a place to go, his colleagues started coming back, and when Jeremy noticed the workers back, it jumped on Mitres’ leg and ate his pants until he bled, the man screamed in pain, Jeremy was not allowed him to come back.

The only way :

One of the miners said: ‘Maybe this is the only way out’ There was a great silence, and suddenly they stood in front of that big rock thinking about how to get out, and Mitres started to make a hole inside the forced labor using the hammer, But they had a problem of running out of food and the end of the light battery so they had to work in the dark amid extreme fatigue in addition to the feeling of some elias.

Find this exit :

Suddenly, Mitres hit the rock with a great force until the back of a small tunnel…. Yes, what you hear now is the truth. They found the exit and the air spread inside the mine amid the astonishment of the workers. What happened was a miracle after they were hopeless to get out of this predicament because they dug twenty meters in the rock for a week to find this exit.

Mitres managed to reach his house safely with the rest of the workers and all this thanks to the help of Jeremy, so he decided not to leave it alone, he took it with him to the house and allocated space for him, so that it was provided with food and water. But one day they found it dead, they buried it inside a wooden box and all the workers of the mine met to say goodbye, also they made a small statue of it above its grave and wrote underneath ” Twenty-five people give thanks to you”.

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