This Dog Was Sad Because HIs Owner Left Him,Years Later He Decided To Look For It And Then

First Meet:

 Alexander  heard  his neighbor screaming: “Already you killed one , it is the third one in that week , and because you do not behave well, I think it was wrong to have received you”.  Alexander wanted to know what was going on, then he approached the neighbor’s yard where he noticed that the old man had a bag and something was moving inside it, Alexander  wondered  about what he could see inside .

Domesticated upset golden retriever looking out a window and missing his owner

 “Hello Mr. Anatoli !  What are you doing?” Alexander asked. 

 “I have to go to the river”.

 “Can I help you sir?”.

 “Don’t care my freind”.

” what do you have in that bag?” 

The birthday gift:

“It is a dog , it doesn’t obey  me at all,I will get rid of him seriously, because my brother gave me this dog and told me     that it was obedient and quiet, but now, it makes me crazy , it is killing my hens, also , because I can no longer hold it, I’m trying to  chain it up, but  it escapes, so  I must get rid of it”.

“ Don’t do that sir, look at me, I can take it”.

 “Are you  sure?”

“ Yes, actually, my son(Pavel) asked me for a pet a long time ago and the truth is that  his birthday is soon,so  it  would be a perfect gift”. 

“Take it then.I hope it will not make problems ,do not regret because I no longer accept his returning”.

“ No sir, thank you”.

New Friend:

Alexander took the dog to his house who had only three months.  His son arrived from school ,


“Hello son! I have a surprise for you ,the day after tomorrow will be your birthday, so I brought you a gift .open the door of your room and look!”

 The child opened it  and was surprised; “ Dad! It is a puppy”.

“Yes son, and it is for you”.

“ Thank you”.

 The little hugged  the dog and liked the gift. Alexander lost his wife who  gave birth to his little one, it was the most terrible and painful loss during his life ,but at the same time, there was unexplained joy at the arrival of his son,  he was a father and a mother to him, his son never lacked something. 

Lion, I like that name:

Alexander had the opportunity to have a relationship on several occasions, there were women interested in him , he was a handsome gentlemanly and very hardworking man, however he did not want to be with someone, he just waited for the woman of his life  who was the mother of his son. Seeing his little one  happy was the most rewarding.

 The child asked his dad : “Does it have  a name?”

“ Well, I think not, how would you like to call it?”

 “Lion, I like that name”

 “okay son , that will be his name”

      The puppy quickly got used to his new family, learned to be a very obedient dog , it was also very affectionate with Alexander and with his son,  even slept with him, and it was not necessary to chain it up as the neighbor suggested, it was a very docile dog, however every time it went out into the street and looked at his former owner growling at him , it was angry ,the dog who had grown up did not take his eyes off him and ran towards him and with that strong jaw removed the stick from his hand, since then the old man never came out again. When the dog was out he had respect for it. Although it is true  that it never bit him but it left him a good scare.  

The Summer Began:

     One day, when the summer began, the child and his father went fishing, but they were not alone, for the first time, they were accompanied by the dog, and while Alexander was lighting a fire to cook, his son decided to go to the lake, he was very skilled swimmer, so with this confidence, he decided to go deeper, the little boy suddenly felt a brush on his leg, and then he realized that there was an abandoned network that had surrounded him, the boy tried to free his legs but the wind prevented him from facing it, the child realized that he could not go out and ask for help screaming in hope that someone could hear his voice, but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and no one heard his screams. His father noticed that his dog ran quickly to the lakeside in a few seconds, Alexander went to find out what was happening there and suddenly he saw with horror that his son was in the middle of the lake, so Alexander ran towards him, but he remembered that  there was no way to get there in  a few time to save him because he was out of his power and he can barely keep swimming.

Discovering The Value Of The Friend:

     The little one who was so tired took another breath out of the air, waved his hands. Someone saw the boy and he joined them, but the child immediately felt something unexpected near him, it was the dog, the boy grabbed him with his hands and tried again to remove the net from his foot, and soon the dog drove him back and woke him up.  Luckily, the boy was fine and Alexander sighed deeply. The dog stood on the side and began to walk around and spin around them, it was happy, then it hugged him, the little one quickly regained his senses with infinite gratitude and with so much emotion, There was a great friendship formed between them, and it became his loyal friend.

The Loyal Friend:

     The years passed and the child grew up, fell in love with a girl and then they got married when they were 18, they lived in Alexander’s house, but the girl did not want to stay there any longer, and wanted to be in the city. After six months, she asked Pavel to leave his father and said:

 ‘Pavel! I’m pregnant, the baby will be born soon, so it would be good to live in the city, there are hospitals, kindergartens and more jobs.’

‘Vanya, I can’t leave my father woefully ill and I don’t want to leave him alone, I wouldn’t be comfortable if I went there.’ 

‘You care more about your father, but your wife and son won’t be okay if they stay here, so stay here if you want to, but I’m leaving.’

The couple did not know that Alexander was soon listening to the conversation, he became sad to discover that maybe his son chose the wrong woman. So, the father called his son to talk to him:

 ‘Son, I don’t want you to worry about me, you’re already going to have a little boy, my grandson, and I want him to be happy with you and his mother , I’ll be, well, and it’s true that in the city there are more opportunities, you should go.’ 

‘So come with us dad.’ 

‘I’m fine, this is my house next to your mother’s grave, it’s easy to visit your mother and leave the flowers on her grave and clean it up, I won’t be alone, ‘Lion’ will be with me’ 

 A month had passed after that conversation with his father, he was about to take the bus to the big city, saying goodbye to his father and fonding his beloved dog.


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