The Mother Left Her Inheritance, For The Eldest Son ‘The Home’ , To Her Second Son ‘The Car’ And To The Youngest Daughter……

The truth you will see in this story was sent to us by a writer who shared her story with us,
who is currently 30 years old and prefers to identify herself only as Isabel. She remembers
what happened as if it were yesterday.
A few years ago, in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood called Palermo, a
place located on the coast of the country, the couple lived happily ever after, they had their
first child, then the second , and over time, their third daughter. The years passed and the
children grew up, so the oldest of them fell in love so he dropped out of university and got
married and went to live independently with his wife. The second son moved to another
neighborhood because he wanted to be close to the university and with the help of his father
he got a small apartment. The third daughter was a minor, so she stayed home, she was
studying in high school.
But the happiness of this family soon ended. The family man (their father) died suddenly of a
heart attack. It was an unexpected fateful day, already on the day of the burial, and although
his two sons knew what had happened, neither of them attended the funeral. The youngest
daughter accompanied her mother, as some friends and family attended. Of course the
mother felt very sad. The loss of her husband was a severe blow to her heart, but it was hard
to know that her children did not bring their father’s last goodbye because she did not
understand why. That man who died was giving them everything and taking care of them.
The eldest son just apologized, saying he didn’t give him free time at work. And the second
son said he took the tests with pain in his heart, so he couldn’t miss college, and he had to
study all day. The woman had no choice but to understand their children. After the man’s
death, the wife got the inheritance. She got the house, and she became the owner of all his
inheritance in general, so the car that her husband was able to pay for with great effort was
also a modern and expensive car.

Suddenly, the children came home to visit their mother. They already knew about the
inheritance, so they both went to see it. The eldest son said, “Mom, leave me at home
because I have children, and you know, living where we are is too expensive to pay rent.
Also, my father, who was helping me pay for it, left. Mom, you can stay with us”. Then the
second son told her: “As for me my father’s car can be useful to me, it is terrible to have to
use public transport in this city. I can’t take it anymore. The car will help me a lot in my
studies”. The older brother said: ‘You don’t know how to drive! Besides, I need it too,
remember that I have kids’ “yes but I need the car to go to my studies” the second replied.
The youngest daughter listened to everything that went on between them, but she just said,
‘What can I ask for?’
The mother suddenly said: ‘I’m grateful you’re with me now even though my family is few’
while her children were listening to her ,she also said: ‘My children, I’m not dead yet. I can’t
take this day anymore, I’ll know what to do, ” she said to the eldest son, ‘If you want, you can
live here with me, but I’m not going to put the house in your name, you second son, I can’t
give you the car, I’m sorry’.
The Angry men left the house, and each time their visits to their mother were less frequent.
In fact, there was a big scandal at home at the time and all because their mother didn’t give
them what they asked for. It was also the first time that they had been deprived of something.
But the question is why didn’t the mother want to give her children what they wanted? First
of all, the woman always refused to face reality, but knew she could neither continue to lie
like that. It was wrong to give them everything. From the beginning, it was her fault and her
husband’s fault, as their children from a young age, they received everything easily, so they
were more corrupt.
Because the couple thought that their children were like the light that would light their lives,
they were their children, so it was understood that they should be given everything. But the
adopted daughter may have been less? While that’s true, she has received love and never
lacked anything, but she was not as favorite as the other two. The older woman understood
that and knew that she should not have separated them. That’s when She realized her sons
were suckers. They always asked their father for help and on the day of his death, they didn’t
even show up. Only the youngest daughter helped with the funeral at all times. She knew
that if she had given the house to her first son, he would have come with his wife and sent her
to the hospice because of her age, and would make the youngest daughter a nanny for his two
children or throw her out. The second son, who knows how keen he is, doesn’t care about the
cost of the car and he will spoil all her husband’s effort quickly. Besides, she didn’t want him
to fight with his brother because of the car.
Little by little, the male children stopped visiting their mother altogether when they learned
that she would not give them anything. After a while, the health of the elderly woman began
to deteriorate. Separation from her husband and the realization of the shape of her children
were very much arranged for her. The mother was obviously upset about that. Only now she
woke up and realized how her greedy and cruel children grew up. Only the youngest
daughter, Isabel, was always at her side. After leaving school, she immediately went home to
prepare food for her mother, where she was bedridden by a stroke, and then she was admitted
to the hospital, by the way her daughter was only with her. Then, after time, she was
discharged from the hospital, but she couldn’t move, so her daughter tried to help her at all
However, a new problem occurred in that house. The mother died when she had a stroke
again. It is not known whether it is truly sad to see how her children behave or simply cannot
afford the departure of her husband. Yes, grief itself often attracts disease, but before
leaving, she left a will. Of course the eldest son inherited the house and the second son the
car because he loved it so much and the youngest daughter is nothing great. In fact, there was
nothing to her in that will. However, the daughter remembered what her mother told her
before her death ‘my daughter, I want to give you this box that was always under my bed, so
it has existed for many years. Open it when you’re 18. This is my gift to you. I’m sorry I
can’t be with you, daughter’ The girl took it and his weight was not heavy at all, but it never
bothered her because she was just afraid of what her life would be like without her mother.
As soon as they learned of the woman’s death, the children began preparing documents to
receive the inheritance. The two brothers seemed happier than their grief. The older brother
of the sister said: ‘Since you are still a minor, I do not want to take responsibility for you.
Also, you are not my sister and to be honest the allowance will increase because of you. I’m
sorry, but ask my brother if he wants to be with him’ the girl knew very well what her other
brother would say to her and luckily, her mother called her sister before she left. The minor’s
aunt who lives in a nearby province. She asked her to take her daughter . So the girl packed
her things and went to the bus station to look for her aunt. The woman greeted her with open
arms. She was a teacher at a children’s school and lived there. She was a single woman, so
she loved the company of her niece.


The girl’s birthday finally arrived. At the age of 18, she and her aunt opened the box that her
mother left with all sorts of old things, eating moths all over the place. It has a distinctive
smell. Isabel looked at everything. There were mostly pictures. The girl started crying when
she saw pictures of her family. Then she realized that there was a false bottom in the box and
with the help of a knife she opened it, she found a letter written in her mother’s hand: ‘My
daughter, forgive me for not including you in the will. If I leave everything to you. Your
older brother will take care of your guardianship and start processing documents to withdraw
your inheritance, and the same thing with your second brother, and by the time you become
an adult, you will have nothing left, the woman wrote, “so I had to think twice about these
things. I always gave them everything as you had watched. I’m sorry for what I did, but it’s
enough that you’re my daughter and we always love you. Your father and I, although we
didn’t show it much, you should know that the most important asset your father left was you,
not the house or the car. Your father had a brother who lived here in d.C. and unfortunately
they were too far away. This brother never married and started working in journalism. He
owned several houses in the country and made a good amount of money. But he died and in
his will left to your father the majority of the heirs. Then he married me. We’ve never
discussed this with you.
Your father never wanted to get anything from his brother, but by law, he was the sole heir to
the family. But I couldn’t leave you with nothing. So I re-recorded everything for you and
my sister. Half of all. Your brothers don’t know about this. Once again forgive us if we
were not good parents inside” The girl and her aunt have seen all the documents confirming
the existence of what the woman is talking about.
No doubt an incredible story. Sometimes it turns out that our children are the most cruel.
But do you give them everything and satisfy their passions? This mother seems to have
understood everything and eventually thinks she did the right thing. We thank Isabel for
telling us her story.
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