Parents Cried A Lot When They Discovered How This Fox Returned The Favor And Saved Their Son

Many people love nature, and when there’s a chance of being there, they travel to be able
to breathe fresh air and hear the sounds of animals.
Over the weekend, my wife and son wanted to go on a trip, so we rented a cabin near the
river, and it was a very good opportunity to fish and have fun with the family, my son asked
me to go a long time ago, so he was the happiest one on that short vacation that we were
going to, I knew that place, when I was a kid my grandparents lived there, I was comfortable
between the smell of trees and calm, those moments were priceless, and because of an
economic crisis, my grandparents had to sell the house and they went to live in the city with
us and they died there, and that was the worst thing in the world.

We Had To Go On That Trip:

One day, we had to go on that trip so before leaving the city we planned places where we
would stop on the road to relax and eat and take some pictures, we packed all the necessary
things and finally we started the journey, we left early, there was a lot of traffic, but we were
able to get out of the city, the weather was excellent and my wife was next to me and my
little one in the back, I was able to see the whole sights through the window, we passed
through many forests and small settlements. We stopped in some places because we had more
time, and finally the night came, and there were still two hours to get to our destination, my
son slept, suddenly it started raining and I had to walk slowly, but my wife asked me to stop
and said that our son was not wearing the seatbelt, I got out of the car to make him wear it,
and before returning to the car I saw on the side of the road something seemed an animal
stuck in the mud , I couldn’t even see what kind of animal it was, I couldn’t recognize its
color, so I approached it, and I realized that it was a little fox, it looked like it was run over
recently, I was completely wet from the rain, I came back To the car, but I asked myself how
can I let it die, sometimes I can’t understand how people can run over these poor animals and
leave them there suffering.

The Sick Fox:

I tried to open its eyes but it closed them slowly, although it was still breathing but its
condition was very unfortunate, my wife approached and we looked at each other, we didn’t
know what to do, my son joined us, he approached the fox and it started panting , I told them
that I can do nothing for it, then my son reacted as he was an adult, he said he wouldn’t leave
it here, we’ll take it to the nearest vet. But the doctor is too far away, maybe someone in the
village can help us, my wife said that she had a blanket in the car, we gently put the animal
on the back seat, my son also went up there and put the fox’s head on his lap and caressed

To The Vet:

I had to drive a little as fast as I could, when we finally got to the city we asked someone
who was walking there ‘if there was a veterinarian’, so he sent us to a house of an old woman
and said that she was the only one who could help us, in this case, we went quickly and
fortunately the light of the woman’s house was still lit, so I ran out of the car and knocked on
the door, after a few minutes we heard the sound of her footsteps approaching, then the door
opened ‘yes’, the grandmother said, “An injured fox, madam, help us, they sent us to you, and
they said you are the only one who could help us” She looked at the fox, she asked me to take
it to a table that was in her house, and she started checking it in a great detail, and then she
took out a bag of different herbs and other types of medicine we hadn’t seen before, suddenly
,she said that it only had one fracture in his leg and that it could die, it would have a
concussion, and it would be very complicated, and she told us that it was good that we
brought it on time, she asked me to bring a clean water from a small table that was close to
home, ‘take those buckets there, and when you come back, leave it next to the door, then go
to rest and come back in a couple of days please” Of course we were surprised how she
trusted her words, but we decided to listen to her, we left the water next to her door as she
asked, and then we asked our son to come with us because he was all the time next to the fox,
the old woman was sure we would come back.
We finally got to the cabin so tired, I sent my son to sleep and I sat with my wife on the
balcony, just thinking about that poor fox, would it be okay? We wondered, the next day we
didn’t dare to go hunting or spend time, we were just busy thinking about the poor fox, and so
the two days passed, at 5:00 a.m, we woke our son up and we went to sit outside the cabin to
eat our breakfast, and after two hours we went to the old woman’s house, and we knocked on
her door but she didn’t come out, we knocked a little bit, then she opened the door, apparently
she didn’t hear the door knocking at first, she said we got the right time, ‘Come, come With
me’ we went in and there was the little fox, its paw had a bandage, in fact it looked a lot
better, but it was clear that it was still very weak.

New Friend:

When it saw my son it shook its tail a little like a dog ….’my son! approach and greet it’ he
sat next to it and started gently caressing its head ‘of course you will heal your eyes’ my son
said. The grandmother said that the fox would not be able to live in nature as it used to, it
needed care for a long time until it would recover and must not leave the house for a long
time and also said ‘you have to decide what to do with it. And by the way, it was no
coincidence that you met it” And then, she looked at my son and said: ‘The fox and your son
have a common destiny, they’re connected in some way, ‘ ‘Thank you, madam’ My wife and
I looked at each other surprised and didn’t say much, maybe that’s right, the old lady said:
‘Well, take care of him’ she gave me some herbs in bags with a prescription of medicine, I
took the bags and gave her money in return and thanked her because it seemed right for me to
do it, but the old woman immediately refused and said it was not necessary, and I have to
visit her as much as possible and she wanted to keep in touch with me, so we said goodbye
and we went home.
We started to take care of the fox, my son spent all his time by its side, they became very
good friends, he called it “ Red” because of the color of its fur which is semi-reddish, it
learned everything with us, although it sometimes showed aggressiveness, but with our son it
was not so.
Some time passed and we decided to visit that city again, and now for the first time we had
another member of the family ‘Red’, luckily we arrived without incident and went to visit the
old woman, the fox recognized the lady and ran towards her quickly. Then we went to the
cabin, my wife and I were busy in making something to eat, my son was playing with the fox
, but suddenly it jumped on my son and threw him to the ground, I ran and screamed at the
fox to release him, but when I approached, I found everything fine with my son, I was
amazed at the fox how it turned red, it was on the ground dying, and by its side a snake dead
Finally, Red died and his little face showed a lot of gratitude, it turned out that it saved
my son, then I remembered the words of the old woman when she said that their destiny was
connected, we saved it and then it saved us, if we left him that day he would have died lonely
and my son too. We all cried when we knew that Red had died and that it had sacrificed its
life, perhaps its mission in life was to save us, we all have a mission, our mission was to save
him and then to save us.
Without a doubt, this is a moving story, through it we have certainly learned many things,
including the true friendship.

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