Millionaire wanted to know if his girlfriend loves him , he would soon discover the truth …

A millionaire made a plan to confirm if he’s with an interested girl, but she was smarter than him. In this world, There are a few interested people even if you don’t believe it is possible that your partner is with you just because you have a good salary and you think that he/she is with you for love when it is not true, so how do you know if your partner loves you or not?

The truth you’ll see in this video is very popular in Eastern Europe, this story has happened in the Czech Republic and more specifically in Prague. This sad story of a man named Benjamin who says:

The story :



‘My friends told me to come, I’m the heir to a well-known restaurant chain, since I was a kid I had to control everything, and because my father passed away I was totally responsible for everything, my mother was not out there with us for a long time, since I was a child, I realized that she was with my father just for his money, and when she saw him sick, she had a chance to break up with him, he divorced her and she took half the shares. Now she’s married to another man, actually she never cared about me, I’ve been a unique son? and believe me it’s very annoying not to be able to have someone stay by your side

School girlfriend :

In high school, I met a very beautiful girl , I really liked her when I saw her. I knew that she came from another country, her name is katrina, we became good friends and finally fell in love with each other, and because she came to Prague from Moldova, her parents came to the country looking for a good job.

And you might be wondering what the son of a millionaire was doing in a public school instead of a private school! let me remind you that my parents had never been worried about me, they spent so much time in their jobs and the only person who was looking for the best for me was a nanny, She was my teacher and she put me in the same school with her granddaughter, so I was there after high school, katrina asked me a big request to help her and pay for her college studies and she told me that her parents had returned to Moldova because her grandmother was in bad health, so she was practically alone, so she insisted on her parents to stay here to study and work.

she promised to return the money as soon as possible, and then I immediately told her ‘yes, no problem’. We looked for the best university she wanted, it was expensive but I insisted on agreeing.

My Family  and my dream:

I was happy because I would fulfill my dream of becoming a professional, I chose of course a career in business administration, I wanted my father to see a lot of support inside him and he would be happy because very soon he will have his right hand, I want him to be proud of me, but everything became complicated when he was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease and within a few months he lost the battle and his life. For a long time, I suffered from his loss, but I had to move on because at that moment, not only I had to study in college but I had to take care of my father’s affairs.

Luckily, there were things I didn’t know how to do, so Katrina was always there to support me. After I finished my degree, Katrina wanted to return the money that I gave her to pay for her studies. I told her it was no longer important and that she helped me a lot in the work that I couldn’t do.

The money  :

Then she told me that she wanted to study a master’s degree in Spain, but she didn’t have the resources, and she already admitted to me that the money she wanted to return would be used for the trip to register and eat for a few months, but maybe that won’t be enough for her, She also needed a student visa and must have a good economy in her account, the bank asked me if I could help her with money and at that moment a friend at work listened us and said: “ hey, be careful, she won’t be with you just without interest”.

I didn’t say anything and when I got home I thought this made me remember my mom, but I don’t think Katrina was like my mom, she was completely different, so I gave her money, I helped her get the visa, and I always called her To find out what it was like to work, I couldn’t go see her, so I paid for her ticket so she could come here, and as soon as she came, she asked me for more money, she told me she was going to give it back to me as soon as possible and I believed her.

My mother :

One day, I got a call from my mother in the afternoon, I don’t know how she knew, but she told me to be careful about that woman, and not to be naive, I told her not to interfere with my affairs, besides who was talking to me? So over the next few days, I kept thinking about it, and I had a plan to see if Katrina was interested in me or my money, and the only way to find out was to make her think I had lost everything.

Two years later, she’d finally come back from Spain, and then I confessed to her before she left that I went bankrupt, so I heard a lot of silence. I wanted to know on the phone what her reaction was, then she just replied that “don’t worry, I will be with you soon and we will find a way forward”. After that call, I noticed that she was no longer answering the phone so I was worried, but I thought she was busy .

No Money :


However, after other calls were ignored, I thought that because I no longer had money, maybe now she don’t want to know anything about me, but I was insisting that she wasn’t like that, soon the day she came back, I went to the airport and looked at the screen where her plane was, then her plane landed, I was eager to see her. Minutes passed, but she didn’t show up, an hour, two hours, three hours. I didn’t see her , I called her on her phone but no answer. The days passed and I have never heard of her again, she did not even enter her social networks, she did not reply to my message, it was as if she had disappeared or something happened to her.

Spain :

Then I left for Spain, I went to the university where she got her master’s degree and they told me that Katrina had ended up with honors, then through her friend I knew that she was no longer in the country she told me , she went to Moldova with her parents, who amazed me a lot. No doubt, I wanted to meet her and tell her the truth.

Katrina :

The next morning, I got in a taxi and took me to a small town near the capital at the time, I just wanted to know about Katrina and when I approached her house, I stood in front of the window and said: ‘It’s me, Katrina, open the door to me’ she was crying, I couldn’t understand why she was crying and then she saw me and came out and when she opened the door she said:

‘I know you tested me, so I can’t be with someone who did something like that to me, I’m so sorry, but I’m not going to tell you who told me, but I can’t let you treat me like this, I’ve been with you for so many years and you don’t even know me, please leave, thank you infinitely for everything you’ve done for me, I’ll always remember it and I’m going to be here if you needed help, but don’t ask me to come back with you”.

Shocked :

I’ve heard this deadly talk and until this day I carry the noise of sadness in my heart, till now I think about it and even though I have a lot of money, staff, cars and houses that suit me, I’m not quite happy.Later a few years ago, I discovered that Katrina married a man who is not even rich and they are waiting for their son. Now I understand my father, money can’t do anything for him and the same for me.

Conclusion :

This is my story, I hope it serves you, and you don’t end up like me. No doubt this sad story carries a wonderful message that mistrust and insecurity are the worst enemy in the relationship,  when a person certainly doesn’t trust he will not be happy with his partner because there will always be discomfort, so if you feel doubt about something with your partner, it’s better to talk to him about this in a reasonable way, and as I said at the beginning, there are also very interested people but there are also people not interested they can live well without luxury. Remember that health, love, family, affection and passion are more important than money itself, since money goes, that man and his father have two different stories, but they share something that money can’t help them.

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