She Hid Under The Bed To Spy On Her Husband But It Quickly Backfired On Her

Elena Vassili is 28 years old from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has been married for nearly four years to the man she loved so much. A handsome, tall, and intelligent man with good work. He was the man of her life and the man many women wanted.

In fact, this was something Elena
didn’t like. The women who visited her were the horror of her life. She felt that these neighbors and even relatives existed only for her dear husband. She felt that her man was like honey who locked the bees from workers to queens. But why was she acting like that? First of all, this man did not give her a reason for her conduct. In fact, it was Elena herself who once deceived him at the engagement stage, to be exact. The woman was in the clutches with another man. They spent the night together, but the girl didn’t want to say anything to her dear Mikhail.

Recognition :

But conscience was nibbling down like a moth on wood, like rust or metal. One day, when she was with him, she could not bear it and she recognized him all. ‘Michael, I haven’t been faithful to you. Forgive me’ at that moment the young man left her and did not want to know
anything about her for some time.

However, Elena begged him not to leave her. She told him it was just a slip. she didn’t want to be unfaithful to him. But she was just drunk. And she didn’t know what she was doing. ‘I apologize. That won’t happen again. In addition,
there is little left to marry you. Don’t leave me’ He’s known her since high school. He felt pure love for her. Believe his girlfriend’s words. It is better to know her betrayal than not to know her. The man thought. They’re finally married. There were all the people in town. And then they all went to celebrate the wedding of two young lovers. They even slaughtered the most seastor cow to offer to all guests.

Problems :

But the next day something unexpected happened. The first fight within the marriage. Elena told Mikhail: ‘Yesterday I saw you with the godmother dancing all the time. You was mostly with her, even at the reception. She was right next to you.’ Mikhail told her: ‘Surely, she was by my side, like the godfather was by your side. That’s normal’.

Jealous :

Elena said ‘I wish so’ and went to wash the clothes. Time passed and that scene of jealousy was repeated several times in the street, home, church and even in the cemetery. But the craziest case was when Mikhail told Elena one day that he had to stay to work for two nights.
The factory needed to deliver the products to a company. In total, he will work 16 hours every day. Mikhail was happy that he would earn more extra money. he will work twice the voltage. It would be tiring, but it’s worth it.

Then the husband said, ‘They asked me to work at night’, Elena said, ‘Isn’t it enough to work during the day? If you want to work, I’ll go with you’ “Nothing’s going to happen”. Elena didn’t believe him and she insisted on going with him. He was very uncomfortable with the woman beside him, he could hardly work or concentrate Then one day he said to her: ‘I’m sick of you. You’re so jealous.

Sorry :


She cried and said ‘Sorry, darling. This will be the last time, I promise, ‘ and so the days passed. He was very uncomfortable.After three years of marriage, Mikhail was no longer able to bear the woman. He even went so far as to prevent him from going out with his friends. She told him your friends were living a bad life. They’re going to take you to meet the women. You’re definitely not going out because if you go out, you’re not going to go into this house. Of course, that was the most intriguing thing. The house was owned by Mikhail’s father. It was unbearable, no doubt. Mikhail certainly couldn’t bear it.

Again he hanted to break up with her. He even brought the divorce document home, but she cried as never before. Moreover, he told her he wanted her to work because she had nothing to do. Maybe he was hurting her. She asked her husband for a third chance. She wanted to improve the relationship. Michael nodded his head again. Then he managed to get her job. Maybe this would solve her problems. Maybe because she did nothing and thought too much made Elena behave that way. Why wasn’t that the last resort? He loved her and wanted to trust her again.


She would work in the same company as Mikhail, but in another area she would be responsible for executing contracts with other companies. Thus, as the weeks passed, Elena began to change. She was quieter and more confident. Michael could actually go out with
his friends without problems. He was coming home and there was no screaming between them. He even thought it was time to have children with his wife. Months later, Mikhail learned that Elena had to travel abroad, specifically to Moldova. The journey would take an

The woman must have a contract there. Elena initially commented that she did not want to go, but Mikhail told her that it would be beneficial to her. She never left the country. Perhaps she would be satisfied with knowing more than a city. Elena took into account what he said and accepted the job. A month after her four-year marriage, Elena was forced to board the plane she was going to take at night. Afternoon, the woman began to pack in her bag.

The plane :

Michael, who came from work, helped her and she told him ‘I’m sorry I can’t be with you these days, you’ll be alone’, the man said, ‘Don’t worry, some friends will come later, and we’ll play cards. So I won’t be. Just be careful, my love, ‘ stared Elena in his face knowing what was on her mind, but she didn’t say anything. She packed everything she had and had to go to the airport. She spent four hours, but the city’s traffic made her a little late.

However, she managed to arrive an hour ago. She saw the airline’s office where she had to leave her bag and then board her plane. There were a lot of people lined up in the queue. She advanced very slowly. Then, because someone was checking her bag to get her flight ticket, she remembered her husband’s words ‘Don’t worry, some friends will come and keep me with them. We’ll just play cards’ at that moment, she decided it was better to go to her husband to see what he was doing. What if he’s with a woman? She wondered. Then she saw the time. It was almost midnight. The plane was leaving within a few minutes, so she made a decision. She left the airport for her home. There was no taxi nearby, So she had to wait 15 minutes until one arrived.

Cheating her :

The taxi finally arrived. She got her bag off the plane, luckily there was no more traffic. That day, an hour later she arrived at the house, when she arrived, she saw the light lit in the living room. It’s amazing, because it’s so weird. She approached very surreptitiously so as not to pay attention to the dog, because it could bark and warn of someone there.

She felt that something was happening. Who knows what her husband was doing now? Then she saw a beer bottle lying next to her door. There was also a car parked in the yard before. She almost walked on the hat of her feet so as not to make a noise. She noticed more beer bottles and wine in her living room and dirty glasses. She surreptitiously approached the door of her room and there she noticed something unexpected. It was her sandal that she left in the kitchen on the side of the door. A woman can only use that.

That made her more suspicious. And immediately she opened the door. And there, in front of her, in her bed, she noticed her husband with someone else. She could see through the light from the window that there was someone else beside him, without thinking more. She took her husband’s baseball bat. He was on the wall of the room and beat her husband and his girlfriend severely. She heard only a cry of near-silent pain from the woman. Elena was quite angry. After she finished, she wanted to go to the kitchen to drink some wine. When she approached, she noticed a very unexpected character.

shocked :

Her husband was in front of her sitting reading a magazine. He said: ‘Elena? But what happened? What are you doing here?’ She replied: ‘But wasn’t you in the room?’ her husband said: ‘Oh, yes. Your parents came to visit you right after you left. They came to show us their new car, but they were sad not to see you. Why didn’t you tell them you were leaving? They brought beer and meat for a barbecue. We had fun with my friends as you can see’ Elena said: ‘Yes’, her husband said: ‘They’ve been to sleep recently. They were very tired. They’re in our room’. She said:” I thought you was with another woman,” The astonished man replied: ‘Who? What did you do?’

Hospital :

The man immediately went to the room where the parents were. The light was lit and the couple were found to have been beaten and unconscious. He immediately called an ambulance. The woman was crying in the corner. Paramedics finally arrived and took the parents. Both underwent urgent surgery, but the mother was the most affected. Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t do anything to her and she lost her life in the operating room. She received a heavy blow to her chest near her heart.

Prison :

Elena pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Mikhail was surprised. Logically, he filed for divorce and didn’t want to know anything about that woman. She never changed, even Elena’s father tried to defend her. He knew she was wrong, though she could not walk properly. He did everything in his power to stop her from going to prison. But it didn’t work.

End :

The event took place in 2005. It has been 15 years since. That woman is free now. Hopefully if she falls in love one day, she will never make the same mistake again. This story was originally told on a local radio station through a call made by a man claiming to be Michael’s friend. Since then, some people have turned this fact to Ukrainian social networks to raise awareness of how far someone who doesn’t trust someone can go. I’m sure that made you think.

As you can see, distrust is the worst thing that can exist between spouses. In life, you have to trust the person you love. If he gives you reasons not to trust him, end your relationship before it is too late. Well, if he cheats on you someday, the most obvious thing is not to let him repeat it again. So there’s no point in wasting your energies in distrust. If you’re one of those people who suffers when you see your partner doesn’t trust you for no reason, the best you can do is think about things. You can either help him or end the relationship. It’s up to you. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story.

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