A man humiliated his housekeeper. Years later, the two saw each other again, he did not believe it

The story you will read in this poste took place in Lima, Peru, it is a true story that started many years ago and ended as it should end.

Maria :

As they were leaving college, Lucia asked her friend Maria, ‘You love this boy, don’t you?’ Maria’s face turned red and she was unable to speak. Her answer was clear. It was not necessary to know what she was thinking. Maria really loved him. And as you can see, that boy they were talking about was the son of a businessman. He had a big house, his own car, his clothes, his face and other things that only the rich could own. Besides, he was handsome and only the most beautiful girls could approached him. However, Maria was quite the opposite but that boy was a fan of her.

Shy girl:

She was always shy. Maria, unfortunately, suffered a lot. Her parents abandoned her and it was her aunt who took care of her. The girl was always grateful for it, but trusting people was difficult for her. Even though she loved that boy, her heart was beating for him.


Maria was able to go to university because she always worked hard for it. She knew long ago that the only way to go to university was to get a very good degree at school. And so she got a scholarship. It helped her a lot, because she didn’t have enough money to pay for college.

Money :

However, in order to finish her studies, she needed money. As you know, she had to pay for tickets, books, copies, pens and other things. She also had to help with the house expenses, so her aunt, who worked as a housekeeper, told her that her job needed someone else to clean up. Thus, Maria did not think twice and agreed to go with her. They arrived at one of the most luxurious houses in Lima called The Casuarinas. It was a place where only people who have a lot of money lived. As you know, businessmen and celebrities. That was the first time that Maria (a humble girl) had come in and was amazed by what she saw. Finally they got to the beautiful house from the outside and inside as well. It was practically a palace.

The guard let them in after they filled out some papers and left their documents inside. They saw that the owners were not there, but there was a note to the employee to clean the entire courtyard, stairs, dining room and living room. ‘Make sure you clean well. We’re checking your work with the surveillance camera’ the aunt asked Maria to follow and clean without breaking anything. Everything was fine and two hours later they heard the garage door open.

Mauricio :

Someone came while Maria was cleaning. She turned around to see who he was and didn’t believe it. The boy ‘Mauricio’ that Maria loved was a few metres away. ‘Is he the owner’s son?’ she turned around immediately and went away so he wouldn’t recognize her.

Mauricio approached more and more, and suddenly he said, ‘Hey, Maria, what are you doing here?’ ‘Hello!’ The girl said shyly. ‘I just came to help my aunt as a cleaner.’ ‘Yes,’ He said. ‘As I see , you came for a cleaning job, didn’t you?’ Maria didn’t know what to say. She felt very embarrassed, but she also thought that she should not do it, because what she was doing was not bad. Then, before she answered him, the aunt said: ‘Hurry, Maria, the clocks are passing and there’s still more to clean up’, Mauricio saw and said, ‘Yes, hurry, Maria, clean everything well. In general, you need money, and you work hard for their stipend, and that’s for me a tip’ then Mauricio stepped up the stairs and left. The young woman didn’t believe what she heard. These superior words made her cry a lot.

Humiliation :

She did not expect to be treated like that by the boy she loved, not only her, but also her aunt. That day, when she returned home, Maria remembered all she had gone through.

She felt like she didn’t have to come into the world because every time she felt sad, everything always ended in the worst way. She also remembered how her parents abandoned her. They went to another country, supposed to send money to their daughter, but they never came back. They’ve only called twice in all that time.

The Aunt :

Maria was really very sad. The aunt saw her and said, ‘Don’t be sad, my daughter. There are people like this. They feel good when saying rude words, but they are not happy with themselves’. Maria felt that her aunt was right. However, she was not sad because he told her so, but because she did not think that Mauricio was able to talk to her that way. The aunt then explained to her that they only communicated with people in their social status.” He’s got everything since he was young. His parents agreed. He knows all the difficulties of real life. Only when they go bankrupt wake up to reality”. Maria simply lowered her gaze. She did not want to hear about Mauricio because she was getting sad in her depths. She knew that he would never see her, not even as a friend.

Love :

After a while, unexpectedly, Mauricio began to engage in a conversation with more people from his university. men who were not from his social circle. He even wrote to Maria saying that he wanted to meet her in the park after school. Of course Maria came. she almost touched the sky of happiness. At the meeting place, Mauricio offered to take her to the restaurant and then walk in the garden together. She didn’t believe all this was happening to her and she wanted to tell her aunt that she was so wrong about him, and that he wasn’t like other wealthy people. ‘I admire you, Maria, you’re different from the people I know.’ Mauricio smiled. Maria began to feel happy. “Maybe I shouldn’t say what I thought about him all the time.

Kiss :

Maria certainly wanted to be with that boy. Mauricio accompanied the young woman home and kissed her. It was like a fairy tale. Maria ran into her bedroom and began crying in her pillow from joy. Mauricio’s behaviour was not strange to her. She thought he really fell in love with her. Although the boy never said words of love. She wanted to be with him and kiss him. The girl no longer thought about her studies after that time. Every day she went to college, she imagined that she was dating Mauricio.

Bad day :


Her friend said, ‘Tell me, you like him, don’t you?’ Maria listened to her friend and simply shut up. The truth is that she was always discreet and never wanted to tell anyone her feelings. The girl was afraid to say that she and Mauricio spent the night together. Also,after all, her friend may spoil her mood and start telling her that everything was wrong and that she may get hurt.

One day, Maria ran into the park and hugged Mauricio tightly. When she saw him, he distanced himself from her. Immediately, the boy looked at her with contempt and said “take off your dirty hands, toilet cleaner. Do you really think we can be together?” Maria looked at him with astonishment. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The boy immediately turned his back on her and went out with a group of friends who were on the bench watching them.

Crying :

The young woman came after him and said, ‘But why are you doing this to me, Mauricio?’
The boy just replied: ‘You know? If you want to know a lot, that’s a bet I made with my
friends. Now please go’ maria saw his friends laughing. She has received a severe blow to
her heart and soul.

That day was the worst day of her life. When she came home, she told her aunt what had happened. Maria told her that she did not want to go back to college, and that she did not want to see him. The aunt told her: ‘I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through and it pains me to know you don’t trust me. I was going to give you some advice, but I’m not here to scold you. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything for you. I have to take it, too. I have to keep working, because if I tell them something, they’ll close the door in my face. Sometimes in this life you have to be strong. You have to finish college. You only have a few months to go. Try to ignore him’ and then Maria listened.

Job and Family :

Maria completed her studies as she prepared the days to finish college. Fortunately, she received another scholarship after completing her master’s degree. And so it ended with good grades. She later managed to find a good job at an accounting firm, and after a few months she got another job where she met a German businessman, who needed an accountant for his business.

The man was handsome, successful and gentle, but Maria was afraid of falling in love. She didn’t want any man to play with her feelings. Ernice was a single man who fell in love with her, but he knew it would not be easy. Slowly Maria conquered. He was very gentlemanly with her and was always asked to go out after work. Their relationship began to take shape. Over time, she learned to trust him with all her heart. She admitted that she fell in love as never before. A year later, they got married and a few months later they both received news that they would be parents. After a while, Ernice, Maria’s husband, decided to open another business and asked his wife to take care of him. Her son had already grown up. Maria’s aunt took care of him while they were working.

The manager :

At first, the aunt did not want to take money from Maria in any way, but after much insistence she agreed and devoted herself only to the care of little Alfred. Once Maria joined the new company, she will be responsible for welcoming new employees. There were many men, including Mauricio.

Maria told him that she, Mauricio, knew her right away. She said, ‘What are you doing here? Are you looking for a job? I’m the manager of this place. And what did you come for?’ replied Mauricio: ‘I came to work’ Maria learned that Mauricio’s father had gone bankrupt. He was full of debt and lost everything. Mauricio and his father left on the street and the mother went outside. Maria
never thought she would see Mauricio again, especially under the circumstances. The man who abused domestic workers is now looking for a job as an accountant. That’s how it was in his autobiography.

New employee:

I didn’t think you were going to be a manager. ‘Mauricio said, surprised. Maria just listened to him and smiled at him. She took a look at the resume of the work experience and she immediately noticed that he never worked before, he had college studies Type ‘E’, but he doesn’t have work experience. ‘You know you have no experience. I need qualified specialists. I can offer you the job as an accountant’ Mauricio didn’t even dare to complain about how many different interviews he’s already had and how often he’s closed the door. This show was the best he’s ever had.

Sorry :

He then thanked Maria and suddenly said ‘I’m sorry for what happened at the time I was stupid for what I did. Thank you for not being denied the opportunity to get a job’ Maria realized that Mauricio had no regrets at all. He said that to get the job. And always, every time he looked at her, he apologized.

Maria knew that he did it only to look good to her. She immediately told him: ‘Keep in mind that if there’s anything wrong with what you’re doing, you’ll have to find a new place.I repeat, I need responsible specialists and there is no need to apologize for the past, because it has been abandoned’ Mauricio felt ashamed and lowered his head. He was briefly silent. He went to his office to continue the work. Somehow Maria put that man in his place. “Now he’s going to have to do whatever she says. Otherwise, he will be expelled”. No doubt, this is a story that teaches us that the world is already going on. If you do something bad for someone, just try to treat it in time.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story.