Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular

Most of us have probably heard of the alpha and beta personalities, but not much of the sigma male.

Well, we all know and aspire to be the alpha male, the confident, intimidating and powerful man who is the perfect leader.

On the contrary, nobody wants to be a “beta”, “delta” or “gamma” male, those subgenres of men who are usually not successful because they are not “manly” enough;

However, there is another type of males that you might not know about. Mysterious and discreet, let’s present to you the Sigma male!

 What a sigma male is

A Sigma Male is a man who chooses to live his life outside of the normal social hierarchy of society.

The masculinity sigma is difficult to pin down precisely. This mysterious nature is exactly what defines it.

In brief, a sigma male never wants to follow. He is calm, introverted, and confident but never fits in groups.

Alpha male vs Sigma male

The Alpha Male is referred to as a man who is successful, having a very strong self-confidence. He’s the kind of person who makes a good impression when he arrives in a group, and will easily gain people’s trust to become the decision maker. Naturally, people will trust him and follow his leadership.

The Alpha Male likes to please. Whether at work, in his family relationships, in the eyes of people he must be a reference and an example to follow. In a way, he is dependent on the praise he receives.

But what is the male sigma? The Sigma Male is an introverted alpha male, cool on his own.

Sigma males are just as capable as alpha males as being leaders, except they have their own approach to it.

While alpha males’ personality is so often built off the validation of the people around them, sigma males are made differently.

Although they aren’t afraid of being a part of social circles, they don’t drown themselves in social obligations and commitments the way alpha males do.

Traits of a sigma male

  1. The sigma male is a rebel who challenges societal norms. They don’t seek validation and have the security of knowing that their personality exists fully outside of the bonds of other people.
  2. A sigma male don’t open up to everyone and understands the Importance of silence. They are men of few words and they understand the value of protecting their own energy.
  3. They’re silent leaders. Sigma men can be counted on to do what needs to be done with modesty. They have the perfect mix of self-reliance, introspectiveness, and intelligence to figure out any problem and turn something inefficient into something efficient.
  4. Sigma males prioritize their own lifestyle. They’re introverts who are incredibly self-Aware and know themselves extremely well. As opposed to an alpha male who projects himself outward for everyone to see, the sigma male focuses on himself and how his actions impact his entire being.
  5. They worship their loneliness. Despite having the ability to turn on their charisma and charm whenever necessary, sigma males are never more comfortable than when they are on their own. They love having the time and space to think and decompress.
  6. Sigma males are confident independent self-starters, who are often in executive level and managerial positions. He may not always be the loudest voice in the room, but his convictions and morals remain strong even when no one’s listening.
  7. Sigma male could be an alpha if he wanted. He possesses the same relentlessness, ruthlessness, and cunning of an alpha male but isn’t really interested in projecting that onto his peers.
  8. He can never be told what to do. Stubbornness too is a major character trait of sigma male. Because sigma males are confident with who they are as a person, they don’t obey, don’t follow and can’t change their vision easiely.

Why they’re so popular

A sigma male commands in silence, but with his quiet mystery and intrigue. He is odd, intelligent, and independent male who does not seek public approval. Because of that, women gravitate to him. He also finds success in his career, since he is a thinker who isn’t afraid to push the envelope and take risky moves.

Some might think that it’s totally stupid to categorize men like that, but it could be useful to analyze people’s characters to better know how to deal with them and how to manage your relationships!