14 Things Couples Forget to Discuss Before Getting Married


Marriage is a lifelong commitment and a partnership of life. A marriage of love is surely beautiful, but compatibility, honesty and communication are the essential keys to a successful engagement. Furthermore, married life is not all love and happiness, and couples should prepare for the obstacles that they will be forced to face. In this article we walk you through the key questions to discuss before you bond with your lifelong partner.

1. “How are we going to combine finances?”


Living together necessarily means combining and sharing possessions. Finances are therefore an essential issue to discuss before sharing a life together. The ideal would be to have a shared account where the two can deposit their contributions for their monthly needs. Savings should also be discussed according to what each earns, how and when to use them.

2. “What is your exact debt?”


Most people prefer knowing everything about their other half’s engagements and obligations. So debt is an imperative subject to discuss with your future partner, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the feeling of being betrayed or any misunderstanding that could demolish the trust you have built in your couple.

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