Fashion Trends Having Nostalgically Marked The Last Decade

In the fashion world, the nostalgia has been around for a while now, revisiting the trends born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A few trends have resurfaced and marked the last decade, sometimes with small moments of great eccentricity.

  • Pacsun Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are a fashion element of the 1980s, 90s and the end of the 2000s, associated respectively with the image of punk rock, grunge or hip-hop and over the last period to a less marginal and more urban aestheticism. This controversial fashion is regularly questioned in the press.

This fashion item returned in 2010-2012, and became popular among the stars. Initially, it was about creating slight holes in the knees just to make it urban and unconventional. Then the years passed, and users’ desire for personalization grew. Jeans began to undergo mutilations: pockets torn at the rear showing but cheeks; holes in the thighs and knee… We end up with torn pants.

Manufacturers have jumped in to create collections of super fashionable Ripped Jeans to satisfy their customers.

  • Single cross earrings

The trend traces most obviously to George Michael, who wore a single dangling silver cross during the 1980s. But let’s start further back, in Elizabethan England. According to priest William Harrison’s 1557 text Description of England, some men at that time were wearing large earrings made from “gold, stones, or pearl. Dangling pearl drops were worn by Sir Walter Raleigh, and, later, by King Charles I, whose taste for luxury goods played no small part in the English Civil War and his subsequent execution.

One-sided and off-balance, the single dangly earring is back. And now it’s reemerged, with any celebrities such as rapper Lil Nas and Harry Styles who often appear in a hanging-cross earring.

  • Clear plastic shoes

When we think of plastic, several things come to mind, mainly those everyday objects that we use regularly in the kitchen.

This material, resulting from a mixture of resins, additives, plasticizers and fillers, is rarely associated with a garment. But it made a comeback as a fashion material.

It was indeed on the catwalks of Fashion Week that plastic shoes were first seen. These plastic, vinyl or plexiglass shoes offer a futuristic and retro feel to the person who wears them.

This trend is reminiscent of the 1960s and the innovative use of new materials made by certain creators, such as André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne, in 1967. Later, in the 90s, other brands like Chanel and Prada had also decided to do it. They then designed models of all-plastic mules. But lately it has become a ‘must-have’ that’s very popular among celebrities.

  • VSCO Girls

The VSCO Girl is an Instagram trend, which mainly affects teenage girls.

The name of this trend comes directly from the VSCO app. It is a photo editor generally used to highlight photos of sunny landscapes.

Colorful, simple, and where nature and the outdoors have an important place.

What makes up his style are first of all the scrunchies. VSCO girl has a LOT of them on her wrist, as well as multiple pearl bracelets and her signature accessory, the seashell necklace.

She also has pastel nails, each painted a different color. She usually wears simple, short-sleeved t-shirts that are a bit too big for her.

At her feet, you will see white sneakers, Birkenstock or crocs, on which she will surely have stuck stickers, and she wears her hair down, slightly wavy.

  • Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts, a fashion trend that divides and has become part of our everyday looks.

A flagship piece of the 80s, cycling shorts once again made their mark in the fashion trends of the moment. This fashion revival was made possible, among others, by Kim Kardashian, who does not hesitate to play with this risky piece.

And yet, these cropped leggings don’t have it all. Many would have preferred to see it in the sports locker room rather than headlining street looks.

In any case, they have become a fashion fact as it emerged from Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019, where we saw cycling shorts parading on the catwalks of the biggest luxury houses.

If cycling shorts are a piece anchored in sportswear fashion, we don’t hesitate to take them out of their comfort zone by combining them with stylish accessories.

  • Socks with heels

At first glance, one hesitates between astonishment, circumspection and irony. But we have to admit that we must bow down: wearing socks continued to be a trend, season after season, like a slap in the face of conventions.

In reality, the reference to the past saves everything: those from the 1940s slipped into platform sandals, the white socks from the 1950s … It’s also a game of attitude, making sexy with something that is not.

Ideally, it’s combined on a bare leg and a short dress or a midi skirt, otherwise the sock is of no great interest.

As for style, you can opt for a vintage-inspired piece to accentuate their retro feel, or on the contrary, play with contrasts with graphic and modern clothing for an offbeat look.

However, it seems that the socks with heels thing disappeared as quickly as it emerged. In 2020 a poll of 1,000 Brits by the retailer J.D. Williams declared the look the fifth-worst trend of the previous decade.

  • Man buns

Man buns showed up in New York Times trend pieces as early as January 2012, it became a curiosity in 2013, a surge of interest in 2014, and then an unabated rise through 2015; so men with long hair have a new weapon of seduction.

If this trendy hairstyle became much appreciated, it is also thanks to its many different variations, from casual relaxation to wild virility through the chic of the sleek look. At first it was a bit of a smile, but stars, top athletes and hipsters have largely contributed to its popularity.                In addition to being trendy, the man bun hairstyle appeals to men with long hair because of its practicality. This casual look can be created in no time with simple elastic for a truly elegant result.

  • Harem pants

What was subject to mockery redeemed itself a dignity and became hype. We were therefore invited to revise our opinion on this garment and more generally on the “harem” pants, somehow puffed cuts in the Jasmine and Aladdin style.

Harem pants were seen on the catwalks and were worn by stars, just as Justin Bieber. They’re worn with sandals or sneakers, ankle high rather than falling on the foot, and for example, in a cotton / silk blend, for a pure, chic, fluid and light effect.

  • Chunky sneakers

Whether you’re for or against, chunky sneakers have taken their place in the style landscape and intend to stay there. For uninformed audiences, it came as a little shock when the big houses and designers started to revamp the sneakers of the 1990s.

After several years where minimalist, slim and white styles reigned supreme, it was only a matter of time before the trend reversed and took a totally opposite course.

Although we can now see chunky sneakers everywhere on the catwalks, it is not necessarily easy to incorporate them into our wardrobe.

In order not to make you look like an inconsistent patchwork, avoid pairing them with a minimalist look; otherwise they will become the sole focus of your outfit.

For the bottom, cropped pants or jogging bottoms will complement the shoes well.

  • Patterned tights

When you think about fashion, it’s unlikely that tights come to mind. At least that’s what we thought until Scandinavian labels began producing a new kind of tights that are garnering attention. Taking the standard nude or black tights and transforming them into outfit-defining accessories. After reappearing in the winter of 2016, suddenly, leopard print, tie-dye, and even florals were making their way into previously blasé stockings selection. If you’re looking for a chic, classic look for winter, this safe and very elegant outfit is the idea to go for.  There’s nothing better than wearing printed or patterned tights with your favorite winter coat.   

  • Tiny sunglasses

Whether round, structured or colored, these small format glasses remind us of the boldness of the 90s, and they became the trend for summers lately. 

Placed gently on the noses of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna or Bella Hadid, they shine with their futuristic design and their remarkable delicacy.

Whether angular or round, incisive or soft, feminine or virile, the mini-glasses will suit all fashionistas. They should reveal your entire eyebrow, and preferably the majority of your eyeball. They won’t protect you from the sun’s rays, but they will be perfect for situations in which you will be deprived of light: clubs, the office, the cinema, England or Paris in winter.

  • Chokers

Reminiscent of the 90s, the choker made a remarkable comeback, a tendency believed to belong to the past.

The choker rekindles the post-teenage memory of another generation.

Believe it or not, it has been a fashionable accessory for centuries! According to several ancient texts, this necklace was popular with women in the first century AD. It was then brought up to date in the 19th century but was reserved for upper-class women. However, not all chokers were in favor, as some (the red or black ribbons) were synonymous with prostitution.

Forgotten, the choker had a revival in 1900 thanks to Queen Alexandra. The sovereign of Great Britain was fond of this type of choker necklaces in order to hide a small scar.

If the choker was in the past made of plastic threads adorned with small pearls, the current version plays it sharper and more stylish.

  • Boilersuits

More casual than a dress and edgier than a jumpsuit, boiler suits became a trend and continue to be popular in 2020. Requiring minimum effort while adding maximum style, they’re the ultimate cool and comfy outfit.

Originally a workwear staple during the industrial revolution, boiler suits have been making a comeback as fashion’s favourite piece.

Happily, boiler suits pair just as well with block heels and stilettos as they do with trainers and flats, so they’re also very easy to pull off!

  • Gigantic sunglasses

This new form of oversized eyewear began to emerge on the runways in 2018 and resembled ski-goggles. These chunky lenses and square bold frames are very popular to Celebrities and seem to be made to attract envious glances.

Oversized square sunglasses come in many colors, but the must-haves are the vibrant and robust colors of the Pantone palette, revealing the desire for energizing contrasts and personalized expression. In addition, the deep black and the scale pattern are very popular.

  • Peplum tops

The last time peplum had its heyday was circa 2012, when it really was the reigning silhouette among trendy women everywhere. You couldn’t walk into a store without being faced with a plethora of peplum tops at every turn. They eliminated the need to tuck in your shirt but were just as flattering as a tucked-in shirt, if not more so. But as most trends do that quickly blow up, peplum-style tops faded from relevance, making way for bell sleeves and other statement-making shirt styles. However, peplums have officially returned lately to the fashion fold but this time round they’ve ditched their prissy pretence in favor of larger-than-life proportions and shape-making shifts. Many of the peplum tops feature other interesting details, like smocking, statement sleeves, or modern asymmetrical necklines.  

  • Wedge sneakers

You may recall that the world was flooded with wedge sneakers in 2012, and the trend is somehow still persisting today. The chunky dad sneakers have been so popular and were quite the hit throughout the mid-2010s, where they appeared in different colors and patterns.

And although these shoes could be considered a comfortable alternative to heels, some style experts just think they’re impractical. Before they truly became a fashion statement in the later 2010s, sneakers were mostly for functionality, which is not the case now.