10 secrets of skinniness famous with french women

French women are often obsessed with food. They keep eating diffrent types of chocolate and cheese with a lot of wine shots. Tourists often ask questions about how they can control themselves to stay slender and classy! But what makes the eyes-opened is the fact that they ain’t a gym or a diet person and they have’t meal plan for women’s fitness. It’s all about thier attitude and habits to food since childhood ! So what about start adopting their habits to stay in shape ?

10. They consider food as a sacrament !

Perhaps, the basic secret is how they treat their food. French ladies usually treat food with magnification. As a result, it will keep them away from eating junk or when on the go. Actually, they ain’t obsessed with food but they are obsessed with the food’s exquisiteness and beauty like secret pizza cosmopolitan.

Basically, what a French lady cares about is the quality not quantity ! They often enjoy eating out on groups in restaurants or cafes with small servings and wine . A Parisian nutritionist Dr. Francoise L’Hermite says : ‘ For France, a meal is a very particular moment in which you share pleasure: the food as well as the conversation ‘ .

9. What matters the most is quality !

The best, the freshest, and the most select is what every French lady chooses ! French women always go with the quality and never care about the price. There are no substitutionals : few pieces of high quality dark chocolate or a light hande made cake were always chosen over big inexpensive ice cream servings ( they are often unhealthy ). They also choose fresh fish or whole foods steak quality over low quality chicken.

Its’s a fact that french ladies are a living illustration : You are what you eat. The owner of La petite cuisine Rachel Khoo said : ’Even though I was on a budget, I could afford to go to the fresh food market and get baguettes and cheese. I really love that in Paris there is no division (in terms of food) by social class.’

8. A french woman puts her fork on the plate several times !

She would never put spoonful after spoonful in her mouth to stuff up her body. Otherwise she always eats slowly. She swallows each bit with gusto and have some pauses to share her stories with her table partners. As a result they change an ordinary meal to a celebration of taste and companionship.

7. She eats what she wants

The french lady knows the fact that foie gras or Brie cheeseand other popular french dishes are very fatty foods. And eating croissants and diffrent types of fresh bread twice a day won’t make her able to stay in a perfect shape.

She doesn’t feel guilty when it comes to food , she will never deprive herself from eating what she wishes. Also she believes that it’s better to let herself eats a little bit of what she loves than suffering from complete abstinence.

French ladies don’t regret having some “guilty pleasures” after enjoying their petits riens. You shouldn’t say : I don’t eat sweets,’ and then look into your friend’s plate with eyes full of hunger and jealousy. Why should you make yourself suffering ? it will always drive you to break your boundaries so that you will suffer of guilt and lack of will even more.

6. Moderation and balance are so important

Rebeca Plantier, the author of Lessons From France: Eating, Fitness, Family said :French women know very clear that the difference between a wish to treat yourself to something tasty and self-indulgence. If they want to stay in shape, they won’t eat cakes, cheese, and bread all in one day.

They often give themselves some little pleasures without forgetting that staying in a good shape can only be maintained with moderation and balance. If they feel like eating a piece of cake they won’t be able to have a heavy meal later.

Sophie Marceau, for instance, eats everything, just not too much. ‘Not junk food, but I love chocolate, I don’t restrict myself.’

5. She is not a sugar or salt girl

Flavor distinguishes the popular french dishes . What makes its taste elegant is the fact that Chefs don’t use much spices and aroma on the ingredients. They try to keep the natural taste. ‘Too much’ could never been something for a French lady. She can’t enjoy a too sweet or too creamy cake also never eat salty or overfried food.

4. French woman doesn’t eat out of meals

Having a cup of coffee with some pieces of cookies is what a french lady often enjoys betweet meals. Basically, she won’t have too much. She will definitely wait untill dinner to enjoy a piece of meat with some salad. She thinks that a light hunger will give her a good feeling while having her dinner.

Natural yogurt is what she would have if she’s starving when lunch or dinner time is too far away. Mireille Guiliano, the author of the French Women Don’t Get Fat blog, writes that consumption of this product in France is about 20 kg (44 lbs) per person a year. As a result, French people are considered as the biggest consumers of yogurt in Europe.

3. A well-set table is always needed !

A french woman frequently eats slowly enjoying the taste of what she is eating. She prefer having the pleasure to eat at a well-set table. She would never eat while working and have a messy meal on her desk.

Giving a prolonged lunch breaks in French offices is very common. You need to eat slowly in order to enjoy your food. In the other hand, if we eat in a hurry way we won’t pay attention to the flavor or taste of what we are eating. And having a snack later after your meal will give us a small dose of happiness.

2. Be always active (fit women)

Having active pastimes is something in the French national culture. Go hiking, travel into the mountains, kayaking, playing tennis, running in parks or skiing are parts of every French lady’s life. They consider them as a way of living not as a sport or a way to lose weight and stay in a good shape. Also they think that giving themselves such self-abuse will have a negative effect on their health.

People who don’t get overweight are those who prefer walking instead of driving and enjoying healthy food.

1.She never punish herself or worry about overflow

We all love taking care of ourselves. we also indulge them. It’s the same with French ladies, they even allow themselves sometimes to have a little too much of something, it’s okay to break the rule of moderation sometimes so they would never consider it as a tragedy and fall into extremes. They never say : ’I ate too much yesterday, so now I’ll starve for a bit and work out in the gym for two hours.’

 Rebeca Plantier says : ” The ‘no pain, no gain’ school of thought never made it to these shores,”. When the movie star Eva Green was asked to have a diet to lose more weight for her first role in a movie , she refused the role at all and said : “Food is so important to me. I couldn’t go on,”.

French women are enjoying the art of living with pleasure. They never bother themselves calculating calories, carbs, proteins, fats, and transfats. They want to have a blessed life without any restrictions and treating food as a pleasure.