Why can’t we sleep in the same pajamas for 2 days in a row ?

Most of women have a lot of pairs of pajamas. They can’t be sure about how long they have been using them. So usually they use their pajamas for about 17 nights before they trow them in laundry. In the other hand the man changes his pagamas every 13 nights

1.Unhealthy sleep

Pajamas are in a direct contact with your skin. Wearing the same piece of fabric several times will allow bacteria and dead skin cells to collect in your clothes. Washing your bedding regularly won’t be enough to stay fresh for so long. Since it’s coming into direct contact with unwashed nightwear. You will get infections after using the same pajamas for more than 2 days in a row. It can be hard to cure.

2. You could drive microbes to other clothes

You usually wash your pajamas after using it. However, instead of getting a clean fresh clothes, the bacteria can be passed to all the other linens in the wash. After using the same nightwear for several times, washing it won’t be enough to get rid of most of the microbes. So they’ll be carried to other clothes that come into contact with the skin.

3. You can get sleeping problems

As how fresh clean bed sheets could make you feel more relax. Wearing a clean pajamas will make you feel more refreshed. But wearing sweaty pajamas can keep tou up at night if you’re feeling itchy.

4. It can make your allergies worse

If you sleep in the same old pajamas, it may cause you serious damage. Specially if you already have allergic to dust or other respiratory disorders. Dust mites eat dead skin flakes, so they’re attracted to your mattress and nightwear. As a result, you will get breathing problems. So you should change your pajamas every single night if you’re allergic to dust.

5. It could cause acne

Using the same nightwear over and over will allow bacteria and dead skin cells build up in the fabric. Then it gets pressed up against your pores, blocking them and causing breakouts while you’re sleeping. The pimples are the cause of the absorbation of your sweat by the pajamas.

6. Bad smell

After your nightwear absorbs sweat, it will create a perfect microclimate for bacteria. They thrive in moist, darkness. They also create bad odors and disturbe your sleep.

7. It may cause weak immune system

Your immune system will always be fighting against microbes, respiratory complications, and allergies. Specially when you wear the same old pajamas. As a result, you will a weak body defenses. and finally it will be hard for your immune system to protect you from viruses.

Can you tell how often do you change your nighwear?