Surprising Uses For The Spoiled Milk You Were Just About To Throw Away

You very often find a bottle of spoiled milk that you forgot about in your fridge, and you quickly want to get rid of it. This milk inoculated is transformed: its taste changes and its texture too. However, fermented milk has excellent health benefits: numerous studies have shown that consumption of fermented milk is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, as well as better weight management. But it also has many other uses that you’ll discover in the following.

  1. Seasoning your salads
Seasoning your salads

Spoiled milk can also be an ideal seasoning for your salads. The idea is to let the milk condense more, and then you can add a little salt to it and mix it into your fresh salad. You can also put it on your fresh vegetables instead of cheese to add a fresher better taste.

  1. Shining silver goods
Shining silver goods

Sour milk is very useful for whitening silver jewelry and goods. Thanks to its acidity, it can remove smudges effectively. All you have to do is to cover your silver with fermented milk and let it act the whole night. You rinse with water and lemon, the difference will be very noticeable.

  1. Replacing buttermilk

Buttermilk is a white liquid with a sour taste, traditionally made from fresh or fermented cream or fermented milk and after churning the butter.

The taste of “buttermilk” is reminiscent of yogurt with a hint of acidity and an even more lactic fragrance.

Buttermilk can be consumed as a drink (replacing a soda for example), or in cooking (red velvet cake, buttermilk donuts, pancake….).

You can easily make your buttermilk from spoiled milk at home, by mixing it to lemon juice (or white vinegar). Leave on for 10 minutes, the mixture will thicken and become more acidic. It is ready to use.

  1. Make cheese
Make cheese

Cheese is a very popular treat consumed widely around the world. Almost 40% of the world’s milk collected was used for its manufacture in the early 2000s (FAO / OECD). 

You should know that it’s very easy to make your cheese at home with spoiled milk, and there are many available easy recipes on the internet allowing you to get white cheese with only spoiled milk, rennet and a little patience!

  1. Remove limescale deposits
Remove limescale deposits

You will have noticed that taps and sanitary ware in general tend after use, get covered with a thin white film, especially where the drops of water have dried. These traces come from the dissolved salts of calcium carbonate and magnesium, commonly called “limestone” which remains deposited on the sanitary facilities after the evaporation of water.

Those ugly, scaly deposits build up quickly on kitchen and bathroom fittings, pipes and appliances. Over time, if these salts are not removed during cleaning, they accumulate and form a thick layer which is difficult to get rid of. Some use hydrochloric acid products to remedy this lime deposit problem, but you should know that, in addition to dangerous handling and use, these products can damage health and the environment.

Spoiled milk’s acidity is really effective to get rid of these deposits. All you have to do is pour your milk on the area you want clean and let it act for a little time then scrub with warm water and lemon. 

  1. Baking cookies, pancakes and donuts
Baking cookies, pancakes and donuts

Fermented milk is an excellent ally in the kitchen, making the pastries particularly supple and light in the mouth. Thanks to fermented milk, we obtain very soft, light and puffy pancakes.

Donuts whose preparation contains spoiled milk are very soft and more delicious, especially when filled or covered with jam for more gluttony. 

Homemade cookies and muffins or waffles are always more yummy when you add a little sour milk in the preparation.

  1. Erase blueberry stains

The blueberry is a juicy delicious fruit that’s very popular in the US. However, this little treats can deeply and permanently stain clothes, leaving very stubborn purplish marks that are difficult to remove.

To get rid of blueberry’s stains, sour milk can be very helpful. Put your blueberry-stained garment in a bowl. Then, pour your dairy beverage over top and let the item soak overnight. After that, wash it as you would normally and the fruity stain will disappear.

  1. Make yogurt
Make yogurt

Yogurt is fermented milk which must have been inoculated with specific bacteria, obtained at a concentration of 10 million bacteria per gram.

Yogurt is much recommended for its many great virtues. It promotes digestion, as it’s rich in probiotics which will nourish the intestinal flora whose balance is essential for digestion. It would even relieve diarrhea, especially childish.

It is also an anti-stress. Rich in tryptophan, it thus facilitates the production of serotonin, a sleep and mood neurotransmitter.

Its good dose of protein, combined with a low glycemic index, makes it a recommendable food because it is nutritious for children (it provides calcium), but also for the elderly, who are at risk of muscle wasting, and for sick people. 

The basic homemade yogurt recipe calls for just two ingredients: sour milk and lactic acid bacteria. On a technical level, even with two left hands and blindfolded, we can do it!

You just need to invest in packets of starter yogurt cultures, which infuse your sour milk with good bacteria. Then, you’ll add the bacteria to your sour milk, allowing the combination to sit and thicken up, and then add sugar, honey or your favorite flavor.

  1. For creaminess
For creaminess

If you have a good bottle of fermented milk left in your fridge and didn’t know what to do with it, you must know that I could replace liquid cream with fermented milk, leaving you with a tasty, creamy addition to just about any recipe. So, you can pour your milk into soups and casseroles, as well as potato dishes, omelettes and pasta, too.

  1. Beauty of skin and hair

Yogurt has many beauty properties, often unsuspected. Whether it is the skin, the body or the hair, yogurt can indeed be used: as a makeup remover, as a remedy against chapped lips or as a mask to nourish and protect the skin or hair; it also has the capacity to relieve sunburns or to make the spots disappear on the skin.

Milk’s soothing properties can also help with eczema, dry skin or psoriasis by baths with the beverage. To take full advantage of it, pour milk into you hot water, then get in, soak for a little time then rinse. 

  1. Protect your intestinal tract

Fermented milk process also adds many virtues related to the presence and action of lactic ferments. One of these most important virtues is its protective action on the intestinal flora. Indeed, lacto-fermented products are rich in enzymes and good bacteria that seed the intestinal flora and act as a protector of our intestinal environment.

For this reason, sore milk and yogurt are particularly recommended for fragile intestines or during antibiotic treatment.

  1. Softening meats
Softening meats

Fermented milk is also an ideal base for liquid marinades for red meat, white meats, fish and shrimp. With the addition of spices and possibly lemon juice, it softens them while scenting them. Once wiped off, the meats go on the grill (barbecue or oven) for a particularly soft result.

  1. Strengthen your plants 

Curdled milk is also very rich in minerals, particularly calcium. So if you are passionate about gardening, spoiled milk is your ally. You just have to mix it with water and irrigate your plants. This will give them a nutrition boost allowing them a healthier appearance.