Instant noodles could cause problems to your body !

Eating instant noodles became a habit for a lot of people. They can be prepared in few minutes, so we end up choosing it over other meals specially when we feel lazy to cook. But if we knew what health problems they cause we would never eat them that much.

Do you know what are their effects on your body and how they  can harm it ?

The instant noodles is considered as a high-sodium food

Salt and carbohydrates should be consumed in moderation. But the instant noodles are too salty  so only one serving will make you reach the daily quota of sodium; so you won’t be able to ingest more in the same day. Without forgetting that they are poor of nutritional value, like vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Eating them will store more water in your body

When you eat them, your body stores water. Which will cause you a puffed stomach, indolent and also inactive. Gainig weight is also very possible.

They take a long time to be digested

Away from other types of noodles, the instant noodles take more time in the stomach for digestion.

Dr. Kuo informed in an interview about the difference between the regular , fresh noodles and instant noodles. The regular, fresh noodles were almost gone after 2 hours after the digestion in the stomach when the instant noodles just started to break down.

More health problems you can get

Studies prove that women who eat instant noodles at least 2 times a week will develop health problems. They will gain weight that will cause diabetes and heart disease. Some other ingredients can make you feel sick and even give you headache.

You will have vision problems

To have a food that can last for a long time, they use  toxic additives to preserve it. Everyone know that the toxic additives will cause problems and affect your health. So eating this type of food so often will give you some side effects such as blurred vision.