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The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Everyday For A Week

          Lemon water, a wildly consumed natural beverage around the world to which many virtues are conferred. However, experts have cleared out the effect that this drink will have on your health when taken regularly on a daily basis. 

          Lemon water is a mixture of water and lemon juice, a recipe that is very easy to realize. To prepare your beverage, simply squeeze a lemon into about a liter of fresh water and the job is done!

          A drink that is particularly tasty but cheap as well, lemon water is becoming very popular worldwide. The ingredients are available everywhere and at any moment, especially if you already have a lemon tree at home! But this lemon water’s popularity is due to many reasons besides its low cost and good taste.

          Lemon water has undeniably many effects on the human body. As proved by many nutritionists, when consumed regularly lemon water can affect your organism in different ways, with changes that can appear immediately or after relatively a long time.

          Many questions rise up when thinking about the popularity of this drink. How does it exactly affect our bodies? Why do some claim that it’s a miracle worker? And what exactly happens when we take it regularly on a daily basis? In this article we’ll try to explore the answers provided for these questions scientifically.

          At first, and as mentioned in an article by Bill Widmer on the Lifehack website entitled “Seven Signs You Should Try Drinking Lemon Water for a Week”, lemon juice is advantageous to alleviate many symptoms, starting with tiredness. As claimed by the writer of the article, lemon water could easily replace your morning coffee. It constitutes a very important and healthy energy source and that can greatly help with the dependency on caffeine which will disappear gradually. 

Vitamin c contained in lemon also helps enormously with cold and allergy symptoms such as cough and runny nose. It strengthens your immune systems, fights bacteria and helps you get rid of toxins from your body.

Lemon water also helps with overeating according to the writer. When taken before meals, the pectin contained in lemon helps you feel fuller and therefore eat less.

According to Widmer, lemon water can effectively help with indigestion, since it has a similar molecular structure as stomach’s digestive juices. It can also stimulate your liver to produce bile to help digestion, which can relieve bloating as well.

Lemon water is a great ally for the skin. It helps produce collagen, fights bacteria and contains antioxydantes which promotes skin elasticity and helps fight acne.

For those who would like to lose a little weight, lemon water has the magical powers that you need. Widmer claimed that lemon water has the ability of burning fats by giving you an extra amount of energy, which results- in speeding up your metabolism, and as previously mentioned it can also procure you with a feeling of satiety which helps you eat lesser. Lemon water is also capable of relieving stress and improving mood. Since it affects energy levels in your body, this drink has the power to optimize mood levels.

          The article by Widmer highlighted all the benefits of lemon water. But to confirm this claimed magic effect, it would be necessary to observe the concrete effects on people who have taken this drink regularly and for a long time.

          Nicole Yi, a young woman that worked previously for the website Popsugar, experienced this beverage and she wrote an article entitled “I Drank Lemon Water Every Day For a Week, and This Is What Noticeably Changed.” where she detailed what had occurred to her body.

According to her article, Yi read about all the virtues of lemon water and how it’s beneficial for weight loss, indigestion and kidney stones, so she decided to give it a try.

She started by adding a slice of lemon into water and drank it all day long. The first thing she noticed was an increase in her hydrating needs. She claimed that usually she didn’t like drinking much water but with the flavor in lemon water, she drunk more on a daily basis and her water intake doubled up. However, the first problem that she encountered was getting nausea after drinking her beverage. Since she doesn’t like eating in the morning and her breakfast constitutes of a simple cup of coffee, drinking lemon water on an empty stomach gave her a feeling of irritation due to the acidity of the drink.

Finally, Yi confirmed not recommending lemon water on an empty stomach for several days straight to protect your teeth. She recommended however a warm glass of lemon water preferably infused with different fruits to change the taste, for a good boost of vitamin c and good morning energy.

          A second person having lived the experience was Freelancer writer Gianluca Russo who took a cup of water lemon each morning after waking up for a week, and he wrote an article in which he reported all the positive effects that this routine had on him.

Russo started by how the beverage had affected his skin. It seemingly gave him a special glow and made it softer and clearer. It also helped him reduce excessive oils, and even lessened his acne which started to reappear again after he stopped taking the drink.

Lemon water also helped Russo with bad breath from which he had been suffering for a long time. Thanks to its acid nature, lemon is known to fight bacteria and therefore fights against halitosis.

In addition to that, Russo noticed that after few days of drinking lemon water he felt less bloated, since lemons are diuretic and help the body get rid of extra fluids. Russo also felt like he didn’t get ill after drinking lemon water, and he assumed that it strengthens his immune system.

Globally, the beverage was remarkably beneficial for Russo helping him improve on many bases, except excessive thirst.

          Opting to the opinion of an expert, we chose Jo Lewis, a nutritionist that wrote an article about the benefits of lemon water for the BBC Good food website, in which she tried to focus on the benefits claimed for this popular drink. She started by giving facts about lemons, their content in vitamin c, antioxydants, flavonoids and low content in calories.

Lemons have been used for centuries for their medicinal virtue, especially for treating scurvy, a condition due to the lack of vitamin C.  the latter that is claimed to strengthen the immune system. However, there are no studies that confirmed that explicitly.  Lewin stated that one studies proved that it may shorten the duration of many symptoms though.

Lewin then stated that all the claims mentioned in the articles about the benefits of lemon water are not supported by scientific studies. However, it could be beneficial for the skin and helps with its elasticity, since it’s rich in vitamin c and flavonoids.

Lewin then recommended lemon water for weight loss. As hunger is often confused with thirst, she advises that when you feel hungry you should opt for a glass of lemon water first. It can also replace sugary drinks thanks to their low-calorie content.

Lewin also stated how lemon water is a perfect natural agent to fight against dehydration which is manifested by headaches, dizziness and tiredness.  

When it comes to indigestion, Lewin granted that many people claimed that lemon water helped them digest better, but that remains subjective and not proved.

Additionally, the nutritionist noted that there is presently no prove to lemon water being able to detoxify our bodies, or having an effect on pH levels.

          Another article about the subject was made by the website Medical News Today and it confirmed many of the same things that Lewin noted. The article closed by confirming that many of the claims about lemon water’s virtues are considered myths without any scientific evidence.

          Lemon water is then no magical potion, but simply a natural beverage that is rich in vitamins and can alleviate thirst and procure us with energy when incorporated in a healthy diet.

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