Experts Say Women Have To Eat More Of This Food Than Men Do To Stay Healthy

Biological functions and evolutionary needs have made women’s bodies function differently from men’s to accomplish many physiological functions. This remains valid when it comes to diet; a female’s body processes foods differently. However, there is a particular food that nutritionists recommend strongly for women, and we’ll tell you all about it in this article.

         It’s evident that men and women have different needs to perform the same physiological functions. Therefore, they need different portions of aliments types compared to men, but they should be eating more of a food type that is absolutely healthier for them then it is for men.

         Belonging to the same species, people have similar nutritional needs, depending on their sizes and their physical efforts. For example, when it comes to calories, men and women take in approximately 13-18 calories for every pound that they weigh depending on their physical activity. Even when it comes to diet, calories intake is calculated depending on the weigh and not gender.

         For carbs, they should represent about 55% of a person’s meal, regardless of their gender. This element is present in many aliments such as brown rice, vegetables and beans.

As for calories, men and woman have similar needs in vitamins and minerals, always depending on the weight and effort. However, for calcium and iron, things are different!

         Women have bigger needs for calcium since they’re more likely to get osteoporosis. When it comes to men, there is a lower risk of getting this condition; therefore a high intake in calcium isn’t necessarily beneficial for them. According to a study realized in 1988, it’s proved that a high intake of calcium intake for men increases chances of getting prostate cancer, especially when consuming too many dairy products as another study have proved.

         Women also need more iron compared to men, a need that is due to the menstrual cycle and the loss in iron caused by periods.

However, men should limit their intake of iron especially in red meat, since it has been proved that a high intake can leave mineral deposits in the organs.

         For proteins, men and women need different amounts, also according to their sizes. It has also been demonstrated that men enjoy their protein more than women do according to a survey made by Foodborne Disease Active Surveillance Network in 2006/2007, as men prefer meals with meat, poultry and even shrimp.

         Many other studies confirmed that women preferred lighter fare which is considered a feminine option, such as fruits and vegetables, eggs and yogurt, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, apples, raspberries and strawberries. And that is not related with women’s need, but only their desire to seem more feminine by eating less. This is also related women’s perpetual weight loss goal according to study realized in the early 1990s.

         Elizabeth Aura McClintock explained in an article for Psychology Today that men are also confronted with social pressure because they feel obliged to eat meat, even with excess, as a sign of masculinity, although it can be really bad for their health.

         When it comes to fat, men and women should both limit their intake to about 30-35% of their calorie portion, and they should especially limit the amount of unhealthy fats, mainly those contained in cocoa butter, coconut and hydrogenated oils.

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         The ideal would be incorporating unsaturated fats in your diets, which are good for men and women. However, Omega -3 fatty acids found in vegetables are particularly great for women’s health and they are strongly recommended exclusively for them, as the alpha-linolenic acid raises men’s risks of getting prostate cancer by 3-4 times as proved by 2 Harvard studies.

         A clinical trial directed by the Lyon Diet Heart Study in Europe made volunteers follow a diet with canola oil-enriched foods, which boosted their intake of ALA, and it was effective when it comes to improving heart health, by reducing cardiac deaths, heart attacks and even death from other causes such as cancer.

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         A study at the University of New South Wales found that due to the high estrogen levels in women’s body, they store more fat than men, with about 6-11% higher levels, although man consume bigger portions. This difference is explained by an evolutionary need. Experts note that by the body’s way to increase fertility and prepare for pregnancy. The fat storage increases specially in times of puberty and early pregnancy where the levels of estrogen amplify. However, this need doesn’t fully explain this difference which had other factors as well.

         To sum up, men and women should not avoid eating fat, since they remain rich in calories and can make us feel full allowing us to eat lesser and therefore lose weight. Nutritionists therefore recommend that both genders include healthy poly and monounsaturated fats into their meals on a daily basis, particularly the ones that remain liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil or canola oil for women, allowing you to have a balanced complete diet.